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Mitten Mommas

Creating Systems Change for Michigan's Parent Leaders

Are you really ready to make the change your organization needs to include authentic parent voice? We provide consultation, workshops, panels and more to help you work towards systems change. Our collective has been in advocating for the children in Michigan for over 20 years, in all areas. We have also designed and co-created a national parent leadership program.

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Let the Mitten Mommas Help with Family Engagement and Successful Parent Leadership 

We are experienced parent leaders with varied experiences. We are ready to share with you what works.

Build buy-in and shared goals

Recruit & prepare Family leaders

Increase organizational readiness

Support parent leaders for success


What barriers are preventing you from authentic family engagement? 

Are you struggling to recruit and maintain working relationships with your family representation groups? Systems often need to look inward and first set the foundation for authentic engagement. Do you have a description of what you expect from staff interacting with parent leaders? Do you have rolls and duties that were co-designed by everyone at the table? Do you have policies, protocols, and systems to provide timely stipends to parent leaders for their time and reimbursements? Do you know who you should recruit? Let us help remove some of these roadblocks to success with our personalized family engagement consultation and training.

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